Create positive change with NLP

How NLP changes your experience of life.

Have you ever been absolutely delighted with your performance in a particular area and would love to be able to re-create that success and apply it to other areas of your life?

Do you admire someone else’s ability and wish you could do that too?

Well, read on, because NLP helps you do just this.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the practice of understanding how you organise your thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to get the results you get. It involves a variety of techniques to re-code your usual patterns of thought, language and behaviour in order to create positive change.

Breaking it down…

Neuro: your own unique mental filtering system for processing the millions of bits of data being absorbed through your senses, consisting of internal images, sounds, physical sensations, tastes and smells.

Linguistic: your own personal meaning of this information in the form of language, both outwardly verbal and your inner dialogue. It’s your everyday conscious awareness.

Programming: your behavioural response that occurs as a result of the mental sensations and the language applied to them.

The co-founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, coined the name Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the 1970s to denote the connection between these three aspects and how they can be organised to achieve specific goals in life.

So what is NLP good for? It can be particularly effective in:

  • raising self-esteem
  • re-framing negative past experiences into positive learnings
  • creating a sense of empowerment in order to achieve goals
  • improving interpersonal communications

As a Master Practitioner in NLP having trained with Global NLP Training in 2010, I use NLP techniques to help people break away from past limitations and reach their goals in a confident, positive manner.

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“Sarah makes you want to love yourself and everyone else”
– Shanelle, digital marketing consultant

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– Nancy, meeting manager

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– Rachel, consumer testing manager

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– CP, dentist

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– Michelle, creative director

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