Benefits of Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

For the Individual


“I now have the right tools to set my priorities and to handle the crazy times” – Andrea, financial controller


  • Know your (career) values and how they fit within the organisation
  • Understand your personal contribution
  • Be authentic with yourself and with others
  • Think and act positively


  • Become stress resilient
  • Practice mindfulness to increase focus
  • Create balance in work and life

High Performance

  • Maximise your strengths
  • Set priorities and manage your time
  • Build confidence
  • Profile yourself and your team within your company/industry

For the Organisation


 “A wonderful way of promoting dialogue, creating space for insights and generating action” – Dani, partnerships manager


  • Increased employee engagement
  • Better team spirit and motivation
  • Positive relationships and communication


  • Employees who are focused and active
  • Reduced stress-related absenteeism and presenteeism

High Performance

  • Higher-performing employees
  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Productivity gains
  • Leaders who inspire and develop their team
  • Going from good to great


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Happy Clients

“All the tips can be easily adopted and immediately applied, and the benefits are tangible and quickly demonstrated”
– Niki, senior talent and development manager

“The coaching tools have helped me develop a more positive outlook”
– Nancy, meeting manager

“I have a confidence in myself now that was previously missing”
– Vicky, university administrative assistant

“I can unreservedly recommend Sarah to companies and individuals”
– Lucy, health insurance provider

“Sarah has helped me develop my unique personal brand”
– Tina, global business applications manager

“I now have the right tools to set priorities and handle the crazy times”
– Andrea, financial controller

“I’ve freed up more time to do what’s important”
– Anthea, assistant to director

“Sarah makes you want to love yourself and everyone else”
– Shanelle, digital marketing consultant

“It feels like the burden on my shoulders has been lifted”
– Nancy, meeting manager

“I recently received a big bonus, which was related to a development plan I had created with Sarah and followed ever since.”
– Nancy, account manager

“I am amazed to look back at how my self-perceptions have evolved in only six sessions!”
– Rachel, consumer testing manager

“I’ve surpassed all previous efforts. I can now realise my potential in a long-term, manageable manner. Five stars to Sarah!”
– CP, dentist

“I learned techniques to become calm in stressful situations”
– Tauneel, IT director

“Sarah helped me focus on what I want and how to get there”
– Michelle, creative director

“Sarah has a wonderful way of promoting dialogue, creating space for insights and generating action”
– Dani, partnerships manager

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