Mental Fitness

Are you…

  • A professional woman balancing career (and possibly parenting too, or at least attempting to do both!)?
  • Feeling guilty at not quite being quite enough for everyone and everything?
  • Frustrated at never being on top of things?
  • Struggling to delegate stuff to others for fear they won’t do it right or they’ll just grumble so you may as well do it yourself anyway?
  • Seeing others living a much better/easier/more fulfilled life than you and wondering how they’re doing it?

Like to…

  • Make peace with what is, so you can find enjoyment in each moment?
  • Feel X enough (*smart, organised, successful, caring, good, etc, etc, etc)
  • Finally get on top, and stay on top, of things?
  • Let go of tasks and activities (and more importantly, thoughts!) that don’t really help you?
  • Live your best life and be happy for others in theirs?

Then join the Mental Fitness Program

…and learn the power of actively strengthening your “Sage” (positive mental muscles) while weakening your “Saboteurs” (negative inner voices).

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Build positive intelligence

This program combines neuroscience, psychology and performance science to provide evidence-based tools and exercises to help you build Positive Intelligence – the ability to handle life’s challenges with the minimum of stress or negative emotions.

By following the Mental Fitness Program you will experience:

  • greater personal wellbeing
  • higher performance
  • better relationships

You can read more about the founder, Shirzad Chamine, and his ground-breaking work at [] – click on ‘Program’ for a more detailed look at the elements of the Mental Fitness Program I’m offering.

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Introduction to Mental Fitness Webinar

What you get

In addition to taking the Saboteur Assessment and the PQ Score Assessment :

Weekly 1-hour video sessions

Shirzad guides you through experiential exercises on the mental fitness tools to energise you for the week ahead.

Exclusive app guiding your daily practice

with a different focus each day, gradually building your mental muscles.

Interactive PQ Gym

where you can do your PQ Reps to bring calm, clear-headedness to any situation.

Daily progress tracking

so you can chart the growth of your mental muscles as new neural pathways begin to build.

Weekly 30-minute Pod meeting via Zoom

with fellow program participants to share experiences and give and get support*

Cohort Community

with Shirzad (the founder of Positive Intelligence) via the app, as well as with your coach and fellow participants

Total time commitment = less than 2 hours per week for 6 weeks

You get the full Mental Fitness Program as described on the Positive Intelligence website. Plus you get a dedicated coach to support and guide you.

*If you prefer to be assigned to a different Pod than your friend or colleague, we can make that happen. I get it, sometimes you need a bit of anonymity.

I’m confident you will have an amazing experience

but if you don’t experience positive changes within the 6 weeks (and you have followed through with the program and the work involved) I will fully refund your investment. So, you’ve really got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To see how mental fitness can help you improve your wellbeing, strengthen your relationships and perform at your best…

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Thinking of Mental Fitness for your team or organisation?

It works great at reducing stress, increasing confidence and boosting working relationships. Book a chat to explore further or join (together with them) the free one hour Introduction to Mental Fitness webinar!

“The Mental Fitness Program makes you realise what drives your behaviour, both positively and negatively. I now have a better understanding of my Saboteurs and how to switch to Sage thinking. This is a personalised program that covers all aspects of your life, helping you to recognise, face and conquer challenges you may have, from personal to work, family to friends. I love using the daily coach sessions to start my day positively and with something fresh to think and learn about myself and others around me. It’s creating more positive outcomes the more I practice, and I am looking forward to continuing my learning on an on-going basis.”

Bronwen Batey, Managing Director

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah and absolutely loved it. I was lucky to join a group that Sarah was facilitating and I could not wish for a better guide and leader. Sarah is caring, wise and, thanks to her talent and experience, creates a safe space to learn, open up and advance. I highly recommend anybody who wants to progress with their goals, whilst also enjoying a fantastic process, to join Sarah on this program."

Danguole, Executive Coach

“The Mental Fitness Program has been an eye-opening experience. I was interested in the promise that my brain muscle can be strengthened to manage my negative emotions and thoughts to turn them into something positive. And I liked the fact that it’s based on science and psychology. The Program has provided me with tools to calm down when facing stressful or difficult situations through mental exercises and it’s helped me to better manage my emotions in order to get a more positive outcome. It is not perfect, but I keep working at it and the initial outcome is that I feel more balanced and equipped (in my head) to face difficult situations and to move on in a quicker way. In the end, the power is within ourselves, we just need to know how to find it.”

Angela, corporate responsibility consultant

“I joined the Mental Fitness Program to support my ongoing one-to-one career coaching with Sarah. It looked like something that could provide some practical solutions for enhancing general mental health and wellbeing. And indeed, I got introduced to mindfulness through the PQ reps which made it much more accessible than I’d previously felt mindfulness to be. I have become more aware of my Judge and other Saboteur voices and can better intercept them to shift to a more Sage-like way of experiencing life, which has helped me navigate decisions I’ve needed to make. The app is very user friendly with lots of content and personalisation, and the Pod meetings helped keep up momentum.”

Claire, fundraising consultant

"The Mental Fitness Program uses an app that is easy to access, and the notifications keep you aware of what to do. I was surprised to see the benefits already quite early in the programme. The PQ Reps – particularly the listening one – are a great technique for quietening my mind, and as an added benefit can help me fall asleep! Through the programme, I discovered my Saboteurs and gained a better understanding of others’ Saboteurs. This has helped me increase my empathy towards them, and by following the programme in a Pod with work colleagues, I improved those relationships too. The thought process of finding the gift in any situation, however bad it might be, has helped me recently turn a difficult situation into some good. I had an aha moment when dealing with an emotive issue with a friend. I found myself being much more balanced in my discussion, using empathy and compassion and finding the gift in a potentially ‘bad’ situation. This led to a much more positive and innovative conversation. I'm so much kinder to myself now and I’m better able to play down little things that would previously have become big things to worry about."

Claire, head of central finance

"I came to the Mental Fitness Program wanting to understand my own emotions better, with a view to improving my effectiveness in the workplace. I can now clearly recognise the situations that might bring up my Saboteurs, and how this makes me feel, and affects my ability to perform. Making time each morning to do a significant amount of PQ Reps positively impacts how my day goes, to the extent that when I don’t do this my Saboteurs are far more likely to make an appearance and derail my day! These days I make sure to put on my own oxygen mask first! As a Pod of work colleagues, I had the sense that we were in this together and I feel more connected with them now as a result of the program. Sarah is a fantastic coach – really clear about the program, encouraging and supportive."

Eileen Brown, customer experience director

"The Mental Fitness Program is easy to access and understand and it genuinely resonated with me. I can now recognise the Saboteurs as exactly that, rather than buying into their lies that they’re good for us. The online Pod meetings provided a good opportunity to share learning and be honest in a safe environment. It takes some discipline to get the most out of the program, but it really is worth it."

Lindsey Filer, HR director

"After following the Mental Fitness Program, I feel like I know more about myself, particularly my Saboteurs and my Judge. I also realised that many of my colleagues are fighting their own Saboteurs and, surprisingly, many of them are the same. The daily tasks and weekly videos in the 6-week program were short and manageable, and the app had lots of functionalities and a variety of content. I really enjoyed the Pod meetings; they helped to validate my own thoughts and get a better understanding of how my colleagues feel."

Sarah Winter, head of connections & asset records