Coaching Workshops

Coaching doesn’t only take place one-to-one. It can be highly effective in a group setting in which participants can learn with and from each other, harnessing the collective wisdom of the group whilst providing space for reflection and integration of insights.

Happiness Express Coaching offers coaching workshops, wellbeing walks and inspiring talks throughout London on a variety of subjects to support your personal and professional development.

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Coaching Workshops

Off-the-shelf and fully tailored coaching workshops on the topics – Grow Your Strengths, Live Your Values, Workplace Wellbeing and Disruptive Thinking.
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Grow Your Strengths

Identify your natural talents and maximise them for success in your work

Organisations often place more emphasis on an employee’s improvement areas than on their core strengths. This has a ‘levelling off’ effect in which true excellence cannot thrive. In order to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ the focus must be on the strengths of the people within an organisation.


Key take-aways

  • Discover your top five natural strengths
  • Understand others’ strengths
  • Identify ways to maximise your strengths
  • Translate your strengths to your work
  • Define specific team and individual actions to move you towards success

Workshop duration: 6 hours

Workshop location: on-site at your premises or at an off-site location

The workshop includes an online questionnaire, strengths-insight report and book for each participant.

“A person or organisation will excel only by amplifying strengths, never by simply fixing weaknesses” – Marcus Buckingham

The Grow Your Strengths Workshop uses the StrengthsFinder approach to help people uncover their talents and develop strategies for applying them in their daily work. It is particularly helpful in deepening employees’ understanding of each other to increase collaboration and teamwork, especially during times of change.

Testimonials for the Grow Your Strengths Workshop

“Today was a good mixture of insight, discussion and results. Sarah really managed the workshop in a natural and pleasant way and adapted perfectly to the different dynamics we went through. Thank you!” – Michel, senior director of digital marketing, high tech

“Insightful and enjoyable workshop. Totally worthwhile.” – J Walker, business analyst, high tech

“The workshop created openness and connectedness. Overall good session, mindset and organisation.” – Alex, web marketing manager, high tech

“Great not to think about weaknesses!” – Ana, junior researcher, recruitment

“Nice to have some takeaways for the activity. I can see it further benefiting the business and getting even better buy-in of the staff.” – Paula, managing director, recruitment

“Useful and a good catalyst for change and development in a positive direction.” – Anita, head of corporate communications, recruitment

“Nice workshop to bring a complete paradigm shift from focusing on weaknesses to focusing on strengths.” – Asim, energy

“A very innovative way of learning about our strengths as a team rather than being assessed only on weaknesses. Sarah did very good homework to access the most prominent areas of our work.” – Gireesan, team leader, energy

Contact Sarah to book this workshop or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Live Your Values

Define and live your company values

You already know what you do and for whom, but have you clarified how? Not from a process perspective but in terms of a working ethos, culture and values. Values can help guide decision-making, whether it’s for the recruitment of new employees, or in how you work together as a team.

Key take-aways

  • Understand what values are and the role they play
  • Define the company (or team) values
  • Build awareness of what this means to you
  • Clarify alignment with own values
  • Define ways to bring the values alive

Workshop duration: 6 hours

Workshop location: on-site at your premises or at an off-site location.

Where organisation (or team) values have already been defined, more time is spent on the alignment of these with employees’ values and how they can relate and reflect them. The focus will be determined in the initial briefing meeting.

Maximising the positive impact of company values requires buy-in from the team. When each employee can relate to the company values and can see themselves reflected in the way the company thinks and behaves, the company values move from words on paper to a living, breathing way of being.

Working along a set of company (or team) values ensures continuity in what you stand for as a group, such that whatever new direction you grow the business, your core values remain constant.

Testimonials for the Live Your Values Workshop

“Very professional workshop. You led us all through a thoughtful process to bring us to the collective defining of company values. Thanks for your inspiration!” – Paula, managing director, recruitment

“Excellent, enjoyable, very well facilitated!” – Anita, head of corporate communications, recruitment

“I found the workshop to be a great team-building experience. It helped me identify values that I consciously and sub-consciously hold.” – Jeanelle, research consultant, recruitment

“I really liked the ‘internal discovery’ exercise. It helped me understand my personal opinion on the values without anyone else’s input. It was a really enjoyable and informative experience.” – Martine, corporate communications, recruitment

“Excellent, diverse range of motivating exercises, resulting in inspired outcomes.” – M, junior researcher, recruitment

“Really fun and interactive way to pull together the ideas of the group and gain a group consensus. Thank you for the interesting workshop and your creative approach to the topic!” – Kadri, assistant, recruitment

Contact Sarah to book this workshop or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Workplace Wellbeing

Relieve stress, manage energy, increase flexibility, find balance


An effective workforce is a company’s most precious asset. Employers are becoming increasingly aware that peak performance by their employees is largely dependent on their health, both physical and mental.

When Wellbeing Programs form an integral part of a company’s workforce strategy, the organization benefits from…

  • lower levels of stress-related absenteeism
  • higher levels of engagement and  motivation
  • an overall increase in performance and productivity

The ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ Workshop is interactive and experiential with a vibrant mix of information-sharing, individual exploration, group exercises and mind-body work. It gives participants the tools and techniques to relieve stress, manage energy levels and experience better work-life balance.

Workshop duration: 6-hours

Workshop location: on-site at your premises or at an off-site location

Relieve Stress

  • Introduction to stress, how it arises and what happens in the body
  • Exercise to build awareness of your stress triggers and define strategies for a more positive response
  • Guided visualisation for relieving stress as it arises
  • Breathing techniques to calm the nervous system

Takeaway: stress strategies, breathing techniques, visualisation exercise

Manage Energy

  • Optimum nutrition for optimum performance
  • Using food as fuel – the perfect power breakfast
  • Bio-chemical robbers of energy – how to spot them, what to do
  • Digestive disorders
  • Burnout and adrenal fatigue
  • Blood sugar imbalance and afternoon dip
  • Experience it! Together we make an easy, tasty, nutritious energy shake

Takeway: nutrition checklist, recipes (including energy shake)

Increase Flexibility

  • The use of yoga for increased flexibility
  • Stretching to relieve tension
  • How to calm body and mind and create space for creativity
  • Simple at-your-desk yoga exercises

Takeway: at-your-desk yoga sequence

Find balance

  • Explore your energy mix
  • Guided exercise to identify imbalances
  • Decide what to start, stop, continue doing to restore balance
  • Chose small, positive changes to harmonise work and life

Takeaway: personalised action plan for work-life balance

Contact Sarah to book this workshop or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Disruptive Thinking

Challenge assumptions to create positive change

Organisations that look at their business with a disruptive mindset are the organisations that are able to truly innovate.

Key take-aways

  • An approach to brainstorming that unearths and challenges long-held individual, team, organisation and industry assumptions
  • A fresh perspective on recurring issues
  • An action plan for transformational change

Workshop duration: 6 hours

Workshop location: on-site at your premises or at an off-site location.

The ‘Disruptive Thinking’ Workshop uses ideas posed in Luke Williams’ ‘Disrupt’ book (see his TED Talk for a quick insight) as the basis to challenge the assumptions you make in your business, propose radical, sometimes ridiculous, alternatives, and trigger new ways of thinking and behaving.

Are you making assumptions in your business that are keeping you locked in behaviour that’s not producing the results you desire?

We all make assumptions based on what we know now, what’s gone before and what we expect in the future. We make assumptions individually as well as collectively, as a team, as an organisation, as an industry, as a society.

What if you were to challenge some of these assumptions? Turn them on their head and, for a moment, look at your business in a radically different way? Could you unearth some long lost pearl of wisdom? Would you find ideas that you’d previously overlooked? Could you create insights that you would never normally consider?

Using your key objective(s) as the starting point, you and your team are guided through a process to assess your status quo, consider commonly held assumptions, and find the disruptive thought, from which new ideas and actions can emerge.

“This is the first time that I’ve re-read my notes immediately following a workshop. I’m transferring the most important take-aways to post-its and putting them around my screen as reminders. I am back at work and energized!” – Tauneel McKay, IT Director, Swiss Re Insurance

Contact Sarah to book this workshop or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Authentic You - Personal Brand & Styling Workshop

Tap into your strengths * Make a positive impact * Create a lasting impression

  • Do you struggle to show your strengths?
  • Does your outside express who you are on the inside?
  • Does your dress reflect all you want to be?
Authentic You - Personal Brand & Styling Workshop


When you align your inner strengths with your outward expression, you create an impactful personal brand that allows you to truly shine and experience happiness and success in a way that’s authentic to you.

Join us in a highly interactive workshop where you will discover your…

  • Career values – what’s most important to you in your work
  • Core strengths – what you’re naturally good at and how to show it
  • Personal brand – your unique essence that creates a lasting impression
  • Body confidence – tips to flatter your shape and make an instant impact
  • Signature style – techniques to express your personality through colour and accessories

You’ll receive tailored coaching and style advice on how to project yourself with clarity and confidence, so you make the right connections and communicate with ease.

If you’re re-joining the workforce after a break, advancing in your career, or looking to make a change, you need to know what you stand for and how to express it in a way that gets results and is authentic to you.

Duration: half-day

Contact Sarah to book this workshop or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Simplify Your Life

Clear out the cupboards of your life and make room for the new you

We’ve all heard of the spring-clean, but imagine how it would be to go beyond the cupboards of your kitchen and spring clean the cupboards of your life – to let go of negative emotions, overcome procrastination, adopt a positive outlook, focus on your priorities, spend more time with loved ones, and create space to do what you love.

“I was shown how easy it is to tweak my life and get more enjoyment”

– Lucy, health insurance provider
(participant, April 2013)


This workshop is for you if…

  • Your life contains too much of what you should do and too little of what you want to do
  • You’re overwhelmed with minor tasks and never get to the important stuff
  • You tend to please others and leave no time for taking care of yourself
  • You feel like life is living you and you want to regain control

During this workshop you will…

  • Simplify various aspects of your life – your health, home, relationships, work, social life, etc.
  • Learn to manage mental clutter
  • Let go of what you no longer need
  • Re-discover lost interests and create space for new passions

You will benefit by…

  • Eliminating time- and energy-sucks
  • Re-focusing on what’s truly important to you
  • Reducing your ‘shoulds’ and increasing your ‘wants’
  • Creating time to do more of what makes you happy
  • Defining simple, actionable steps to design and live the life you want

Duration: half-day

Contact Sarah to book this workshop or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Taster Talks

Click on the Taster Talks below to discover how a bite-size activity can support you and your team.

Perhaps, you want to check out a topic before committing to a full or half-day workshop or maybe you like the idea of supporting your staff with a series of Lunch&Learn sessions.

Whatever your objectives, Happiness Express Coaching has a Taster Talk for you. If there’s a topic you don’t see here that would be perfect for your organisation drop me a line and we’ll explore a tailor-made Talk for you.

Creating Happiness

How Happy Could You Be?

Simple Steps for Sustained Happiness

Combining scientific research from the fields of positive psychology and mindfulness with practical, real-life approaches that you can apply today, this interactive one-hour talk will help you understand how happiness works and the straightforward steps you can take to create a life and career filled with sustained satisfaction and joy.

  • What is happiness?
  • How much are we born with, how much can we create?
  • What activities increase happiness?
  • How can we sustain happiness through difficult times?

Contact Sarah to book this Taster Talk or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Using Strengths

Accelerate your Growth – Use your Strengths!

“A person or organisation will excel only by amplifying strengths, never by simply fixing weaknesses” –
Marcus Buckingham

This one-hour interactive talk will help you connect your strengths to your daily working environment, find out how you can make optimal use of your strengths and have your environment benefit from it.

Using the ‘FREE Your Strengths’ model you will:

  • Focus: identify how and where your strengths can help you in your current role
  • Release: find missed opportunities to use your strengths
  • Educate: explore what new skills and techniques you need to maximise your strengths
  • Expand: Build your job around your strengths

The result is a stronger feeling of engagement and energy in your work.

Contact Sarah to book this Taster Talk or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Positive Mindset

Think Positive

Change your mindset to change your world

  • How positive are you?
  • How can you become more positive?
  • And how will this improve your experience of life and work?

Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” Emotion and action often follow thought.

In this one-hour interactive talk we take a look at what constitutes a thought, what we do with our thoughts and how we can maximise those thoughts to bring benefits to ourselves and others. We will look at how we can re-frame our thoughts into supportive, helpful, empowering catalysts in our lives. We will explore strategies to quieten our inner critic and instead become our inner cheerleader.

This talk will help you improve your experience of life by changing the way you look at yourself and the world around you. It incorporates coaching exercises with tips and techniques to help you think more positively.

Contact Sarah to book this Taster Talk or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Stress Strategies

Strategies for a Stress-less Life

Do you ever find yourself in high-pressure situations? Do you encounter particularly stressful time periods? Do you sometimes feel overloaded at work? Would you like to get better at managing stress, for yourself and your team?

Most people will experience stress at some point in their lives. It is now the number 1 cause of long-term sickness absence. Yet most stress can be prevented.

During this one-hour talk you will explore how stress is triggered, understand what happens physically and mentally, and learn some simple tools and techniques to reduce the negative effects of stress and handle pressure more effectively.

  • Stress defined – perceptions and positive pressure
  • Mind-body connection – the body as a protector
  • Typical job stressors – an exploration of yours
  • Strategies for stress management – tips and techniques you can do today

Contact Sarah to book this Taster Talk or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Workplace Wellbeing

Work Well

Discover five scientifically-proven ways to wellbeing

  • What gives you a sense of wellbeing?
  • What makes you feel good and function well?
  • What would make the biggest difference to your life satisfaction?

A UK government-sponsored think tank, has formulated 5 key components for wellbeing based on years of evidence-based research into what gives people a sustained sense of wellbeing in their lives.

In this one-hour talk we introduce the five components for living well and discuss practical steps you can take to get more of them in your working life.

You will have the opportunity to rate your current life against these five wellbeing components, share ideas and experiences with each other, and learn simple tips and techniques to bring a sustained sense of wellbeing into your life.

Contact Sarah to book this Taster Talk or discuss tailoring it to your organisation’s needs.

Meeting Facilitation

If you have a critical issue or goal that your team needs to address, help keep the focus sharp and the outcomes and actions clear with the help of an external facilitator. Someone who can guide, support and challenge you through a process to reach your goals together.

Happiness Express will work with you to develop a half-day, full-day or series of sessions fully tailored to your team needs. Whether that’s setting your vision and mission, exploring your values, addressing a critical business issue or agreeing on your yearly objectives.

A well-facilitated meeting can make the difference you need to achieve happiness and high performance.

Wellbeing Walks

Get happy, get outdoors, get active!

Wellbeing Walks combine walking with talking to give you tips and techniques to increase your wellbeing.

These Wellbeing Walks can be offered as an optional employee benefit during their lunch break. We walk in small groups of 4-6 people for 40 minutes, exploring different aspects of happiness and high performance, including:

  • increasing energy
  • creating a positive mindset
  • overcoming procrastination
  • reducing stress
  • setting priorities
  • finding work-life balance
  • and more…

Contact Sarah to tailor a program to suit your team.

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Happy Clients

“All the tips can be easily adopted and immediately applied, and the benefits are tangible and quickly demonstrated”
– Niki, senior talent and development manager

“The coaching tools have helped me develop a more positive outlook”
– Nancy, meeting manager

“I have a confidence in myself now that was previously missing”
– Vicky, university administrative assistant

“I’ve freed up more time to do what’s important”
– Anthea, assistant to director

“Sarah makes you want to love yourself and everyone else”
– Shanelle, digital marketing consultant

“It feels like the burden on my shoulders has been lifted”
– Nancy, meeting manager

“I recently received a big bonus, which was related to a development plan I had created with Sarah and followed ever since.”
– Nancy, account manager

“I am amazed to look back at how my self-perceptions have evolved in only six sessions!”
– Rachel, consumer testing manager

“I’ve surpassed all previous efforts. I can now realise my potential in a long-term, manageable manner. Five stars to Sarah!”
– CP, dentist

“I learned techniques to become calm in stressful situations”
– Tauneel, IT director

“Sarah helped me focus on what I want and how to get there”
– Michelle, creative director

“Sarah has a wonderful way of promoting dialogue, creating space for insights and generating action”
– Dani, partnerships manager

“I can unreservedly recommend Sarah to companies and individuals”
– Lucy, health insurance provider

“Sarah has helped me develop my unique personal brand”
– Tina, global business applications manager

“I now have the right tools to set priorities and handle the crazy times”
– Andrea, financial controller

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