Grow your coaching business

  • You've qualified as a coach
  • You love the coaching you do
  • But you're not getting enough clients
  • You need help to grow your business!


Our Grow Your Coaching Business programme is designed to help you build a thriving coaching business through personalised coaching and mentoring. Your primary mentor coach, Sarah Fraser, will collaborate with you to define the focus areas that will bring the most significant impact on your business. This includes discovering the marketing approaches that suit you, and defining the strategies that will make the biggest difference. 

Focus areas

Define your brand

Establish a clear and compelling brand identity that reflects your values and strengths and resonates with your target audience. 

Identify your audience

Pinpoint your ideal clients and where they ‘hang out’ to tailor your marketing efforts effectively. 

Choose your marketing

Select the best marketing strategies and platforms to promote your services, from your LinkedIn presence to the oft-dreaded networking. 

Design your business

Create a coaching business structure that supports your lifestyle and goals, getting comfortable with pricing and measuring your progress. 

Tech and tools strategy session

In addition to your sessions with Sarah, your programme includes an hour with mentor coach Cecile Hemery. Recognising that technology can be daunting, especially when your primary focus is on delivering excellent coaching services, Cecile will help you identify your admin needs right now and streamline your operations with the right tools and platforms. 

Electronic contract solutions: simplify client onboarding and contract management. 

Online scheduling systems: automate appointment bookings and manage your calendar efficiently. 

Newsletter platforms: develop and maintain effective communication with your audience. 

And more! 

You’ll leave Cecile’s session with a clear roadmap and the confidence to leverage tech and tools to grow your practice. 

“My plans for my business are now real rather than vague thoughts and, more importantly, positive habits have now been formed that will be sustained beyond the coaching sessions”

Liz Aiken, business and personal coach, trainer and photographer

“Sarah was excellent at listening and getting quickly to the crux of my issue. The work was tangible, helping me set goals, find the right tools and check in. The best part of working with Sarah is seeing me succeed at the goals I set, boosting my confidence to reach for more.”

Tauneel McKay, IT director

“Sarah helped me clarify and build bridges between two quite different professional strands - mindfulness training and town planning. She was patient, attentive, professional and friendly while guiding me through mind-mapping, mock interviews and positivity."

Dean Wooding, town planner & mindfulness trainer

"Sarah keeps you focused on the things that matter to you. She provides great resources to help you achieve your goals and is constantly reminding you of the things you set out to do, while listening with empathy and asking the right questions."

David Cuen, VP consumer content marketing

“I was seeking clarity on whether or not to change my career and how. In Sarah, I found a listener who could pick out recurring themes and key topics – helping me see the wood for the trees. Replaying back what I had said in a succinct format really exposed the core issues. I was able to unblock previous thoughts, and define steps to move me closer to my desired outcome.”

Paul, product manager

“Sarah made me feel comfortable and able to open up and be honest. She pushed me to reach below the surface and helped me find the true answer regarding my future”

Catherine McKinven, airline purser

“I wanted to remove barriers in my thinking and change my negative beliefs. I am now more positive, avoid procrastination and get out of dips quicker. Sarah's powerful questions helped me see what I really want, probing deeper than I would myself! I always left the session with one or two really good take-aways that have stuck with me. I have a better sense of my goals and they’re more authentic to me, bringing a much clearer direction for my business.”

Inge Woudstra-Van Grondelle, expert diversity & inclusion, W2O Consulting

“I am amazed to look back at how my self-perceptions have evolved in only six sessions!”

Rachel, consumer testing manager

“The sessions gave me energy, motivation and self-confidence. Sarah helped me find the right answers, simply by asking the right questions”

Mieke Bruins, event manager

“Prior to the sessions, I tended to second guess myself and give myself a hard time, but the coaching helped me to overcome my confidence wobbles. And the more I got on and simply did things, the more I achieved”

Joanne, legal advisor

“The mantras and visualisations were very powerful and helped me to move from a negative to a positive mindset. I’m much more grounded in the present, I’m more positive and confident, and I’ve even gained some new clients for my business.”

Zena, professional organiser

“Sarah is gentle, warm and persistent, with a gift for identifying the 'big rocks'! She acted as a great anchor, rigorously holding me accountable to what was most important to me. As a result, I have been more present to my values when making decisions and prioritising.”

Rachel Dungan, The Pharmacist Coach

“I see so much clearer now and don’t waste time on things that are not urgent or important. I now have the right tools to set my priorities even in the crazy times. I am a happier person!"

Andrea Kaltenbrunner, financial controller

"Sarah's approach is as results-driven as it is human, with a deep personal commitment to achieve the targets that we defined together. At this crucial crossroad in my career, Sarah has challenged me, or slowed me down, as necessary, helping me develop my unique personal brand and a new perspective on a healthy work-life balance.”

Tina Solos, global business applications manager

“Sarah’s coaching is results-oriented. Our sessions were highly focused on my objectives and tailored to my individual motivators and concerns. A thorough, intelligent, resourceful and focused coach.”


“I’ve surpassed all previous efforts. I can now realise my potential in a long-term, manageable manner.”

Cliff, dentist

Programme approach

  • Coaching questions: engage in thought-provoking questions to clarify your vision and goals
  • Tools and exercises: utilise practical tools and exercises to build your skills and knowledge.
  • Expertise sharing: benefit from the wealth of experience and insights from your coaches.

    Customisable elements

    The Grow Your Coaching Business programme is flexible and designed to include some or all of the above-mentioned elements, depending on your needs.

    By the end of the programme, you’ll have a solid foundation and actionable steps to build and grow your coaching business.

    Logistics and investment

    The programme consists of six one-hour sessions, held over Zoom, for a duration of three to six months depending on your schedule and goals.

    Your investment is £895 with instalment plans available to help you spread the cost.