Tossing Pancakes

Tossing Pancakes

Take control

If you’re like most working people at the moment, I’ll bet you’re juggling…

  • an overflowing inbox
  • calls, texts and Slacks from your team, your boss, your clients
  • yet another Zoom or Teams meeting
  • all while having that nagging feeling that you really should be spending time on your career development plan and building your network too

Now add into the mix a couple of school-aged kids and there’s home-schooling to factor in too.

Ever feel like you’re tossing pancakes in the air hoping that they land without causing too much of a mess?

Yep, you’re not alone.

Are you judging yourself?

It’s times like these when our inner saboteurs start chiming in with what they think you should be capable of. Thoughts like, ‘’You dropped the ball again!’, ‘Come on, others are managing this. Why can’t you?’, ‘At this rate, you’ll never get on top of things’ or ‘You’re just not organised enough’.

Our inner Judge can be loud and demanding. Casting aspersions on our ability to deal with what comes our way on a daily basis.

The Judge in me often takes the stance of, ‘This is hard, what you need is another cup of tea and maybe a biscuit and then you can make a start.’ (That genuinely happened while I pondered writing this piece). And so, I procrastinate on the tough stuff until it’s so delayed, I may as well have another cup of tea, because there’s really not enough time left in the day to start writing now. I’ll begin in the morning, I tell myself.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sssh those saboteurs

We can take our time making the delicious batter, get creative with the various toppings, and have a laugh in the uncertainty of the toss. Through the practice of Mental Fitness training, we can take command of our inner saboteurs, quieten them, and switch to a more sage-like way of being instead. One in which the potential messiness of pancakes, or life, isn’t so much of a problem. In fact, it may just be where the joy and the learning can thrive.

Switch to sage

If you’re curious to discover how you can channel your inner Pancake Prince(ss) and enjoy a more positive experience of life, every day, check out my Mental Fitness training program. It’s launching now at a special introductory rate!

Happy Pancake Day 😊

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